About Us

İkon Perde was established by Özlem Elçi and Murat Elçi in İstanbul, Harbiye in 2007 with love and inspiration.

Founders immediately recognized the demand of curtain accessories, beside the curtain design and manufacturing in Turkey. They had started to manufacture curtain accessories with dilettantism, but in time this volunteer job turn into a professional curtain accessories manufacturing line.

Murat Elçis knowledge, combined with Özlem Elçi s unique design creativity, in sum has created the İkon Perde Accessories, Tiebacks, Holdbacks, Tassel, Tassel Tiebacks. These accessories become one of the most asked, wanted, fallowed products nation and worldwide.

For the first time they had met the professional customers from international and national market when they had participated İdeko Design Fair in 2009. Their accessories were liked and recognized with great interest. On top of this successful step, they had participated Evteks Fair in 2009. Which was also remarkably successful. They had signed several contracts with international and national customers.

After then, they have participated all Evteks Fairs in İstanbul. They become a leader, generated their fascinated followers and new trends in their sector. Still each year they create the world’s most respected, next generation of the Curtain Accessories.

Due to expanded manufacturing capacity and high number of employees İkon Perde had moved to its new head quarter building which is 1200 sqm in İstanbul, Ümraniye, Yukarı Dudullu, Keyap.

Since the day they have started their journey, İkon Perde has focused in customer satisfaction and quality standards. All curtain accessories manufacturing equipment were ordered to best known Italian companies for only the reason of quality assurance.

All the materials and supplies are %100 nature friendly, have certificate of origin with internationally recognized standards. All of the Chenille, Chain, and Thick Chain are manufactured from high quality, worldwide known floss silk.

İkon Perde is among the top five companies which are manufacturing Curtain Accessories worldwide. Professional management of the company, strategic consulting support, and year round internal training programs accelerate İkon Perde forward and develop the icon of the sector. Upon this, with the new trade mark IKN® Accessories İkon Perde will continue its success journey online upwards and onwards.

Each day İkon Perde is moving forward in Good to Excellent Journey with inspiration and enthusiasm by providing its Curtain Accessories in 9 cities of the world and 250 different points in Turkey

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